Saturday, March 28, 2009

XNA Lara - Version 3.7

Yesterday, the XNA Lara program updated with the version 3.65, which allowed us to put various models of the same type.

Today, the program hits the version 3.7.

This update features two new models: panther thrall and the poacher.
And also:
- new 3D window shortcut: (Shift+)Alt+arrows: moves model vertically;

- fixed the problem of rotating one bone and accidentally selecting another (in 3D window).

For more information go to the official thread or to my forum's thread.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

XNA Lara updated - Version 3.6

Another update for the XNA Lara program.

This update adds all the weapons (AK rifle, assault rifle, handgun, shotgun, speargun, tranquilizer gun, uzi) :

It also adds another model - Lara's camera, with movable display panel.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Tomb Raider Games Collection

Here is my Tomb Raider Games Collection:

I have lost the Tomb Raider: Last Revelation and the Tomb Raider: Chronicles box (I have only the disc), so I decided not to post them, in case if you're wondering.

I'll post my posters, magazines' articles and more TR related "stuff" in the future.

Monday, March 23, 2009

XNA Lara now in version 3.5

Yes, that's right, another update for the XNA Lara program.

I will quote Dusan (the author):

- Now it should be possible to save high-resolution images even on low-end graphics cards (the program internally renders a mosaic of many 256x256 pixel image tiles and assembles them in standard RAM so the graphics card as such should not overloaded at any moment).

- The program no longer crashes when loading old scenes with Lara_Wetsuit model (rather than Lara_WetSuit), it's case insensitive now.

In case you need more information or want to see more pictures go to the official thread or to my forum's thread.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

XNA Lara hits the version 3.4

Like I said in my first article, XNA Lara updates almost every day.

There are two new models in this update: the Yeti Thrall model and the Wetsuit ouftit for Lara without the gear (googles and scuba gear).

XNA Lara Pictures

Here are some of my pictures using the XNA Lara program:

Saturday, March 21, 2009

XNA Lara - Real Time Posing Program

In this my first article I will talk about the XNA Lara program created by Dusan Pavlicek.
This program allows you to move the characters, enemies and the weapons' bones/model of Tomb Raider: Underworld in real time.

The author keeps updating the program almost every day and it is currently in the version 3.3; we have to thank him about it. So far, we have these models: Lara ( With Jungle Shorts, Jungle Pants, Jungle Heavy, Casual, Wetsuit, Drysuit and Snow Heavy outfits), Zip, Alister, Winston, Natla (with and without wings), doppelganger, Amanda (with her two outfits), Amelia and the Ship's Mercenary. It has the enemy models too: two tigers and the Mayan Thrall. When it comes to weapons, there are: Excalibur, Thor's Hammer and the mercenary's AK Rifle. There is also the motorcycle, the dummy (which you can make custom camera targets) and the Tomb Raider: Legend's Croft Manor Main Hall.

It has some features too, such as setting background color, assigning background images, display textures, display the wireframe, display bones, or remove them. It has also lighting parameters and camera parameters, and adjust the scale of the models, which I found very useful.

Lara and the doppelganger can use the pistols in hands or in holsters, but only Lara can use Thor's Gear and its glow.

The program also allows you to move all the 3D models and there can be various characters in the same scene. The scenes can be saved, so as the single model poses. Images can be also saved with or without the alpha channel (transparency).

So, what are you waiting for? Download it right away.

If you want to know more or simply see some pictures, go to the official thread or to my forum's thread.

Welcome to Mr Croft's Blog!

Hello. Welcome to my blog.

I'll post news about Tomb Raider, videos, pictures and more "stuff" in the future.

It's still under construction, but it already has some sections. I hope you like it.